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We are thrilled to offer two private cabins, conveniently located side by side, that are perfect for hosting a variety of special occasions such as birthday parties, group events, or gatherings for sports teams. These cozy cabins are exclusively available during our winter season, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Each cabin is equipped with heating to keep everyone comfortable, and with a generous capacity to accommodate up to 20 people, you’ll have plenty of space for your celebration. Moreover, these cabins provide direct access to the ice, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the winter wonderland. The rubber flooring is designed to accommodate skates, so you can glide effortlessly on the ice. To make your reservation, we offer convenient 4-hour time slots at a cost of $50 per slot, allowing you to plan your event with flexibility and ease. Come and create unforgettable memories in our charming cabins during the winter season!

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Please contact us to book your cabin.

hosting weddings

In addition to our winter offerings, we are also delighted to announce that we provide a picturesque venue for hosting weddings during the enchanting seasons of spring, summer, and fall.

Our serene and scenic surroundings offer the perfect backdrop for your special day, whether you dream of a blooming spring ceremony, a sun-kissed summer celebration, or a vibrant fall wedding. To learn more about our wedding packages and to discuss how we can tailor your event to your unique vision, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. 

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